Some Facts That I Found On My Industrial Sociology Assignment [Traffic in Bandung]

Suddenly I remember about my course on Industrial Sociology last year. My group is investigating “why people keep broke the traffic law all the time” (the truth is of course it is about incentive and predicted value, but this is sociology not economic lecture, so be it then đŸ˜› ) In this investigation, I got several interesting fact :

  1. Bicycle rider tend to broke the traffic law because they tend to think that traffic law is only applied to vehicle with engine like car and motorcycle, there’re simply no rule for bicycle.
  2. Police is getting stricter right now. Even our public vehicle driver informant told us that now he can’t bribe the police anymore. Wow, it’s a new information to me, and it is a good news đŸ˜€
  3. Interviewing police officer is very hard. They tend to be afraid, to speak their opinion. Because of this, I must go to Bandung police central in Merdeka Street.

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