Interviewing – Economic perspective

Just done some interviewing today, so exhausting, yet, it is fun 🙂 Well, interviewing is one of economic branches. “Wait a minute? You must be wrong, economiiiic?” Yeah it is economic pal 🙂

Economic is talking about value changes, and I believe interview is one kind of information trading, isn’t it? In economic, we are interested in how the information is traded and affect the knowledge and rationality of their player. And luckily in economic, we have developed a theory about this. It is called information asymmetry.

In interviewing, information asymmetry means that people can’t get to know exactly about what another person is, comprehensively. Moreover, to know the information, we must invest on something (time, money, etc). Ironically, marginal added value for every investation unit that is added, depleted over time, so, theoretically it is rational to know a person only on specific thing that we want to observe on a specific time interval (investment).

Now, what is the impact of information asymmetry on interviewing? It is simple. The interviewer doesn’t know much about the interviewee. And, the rational interviewer won’t invest too much on a person (depleting value theory), so the interviewee chance is limited on some chance that is given by the interviewer. Now, on the limited time amount, the interviewee must give the interviewer the maximum information gain as possible, in simple way, it means “perform well”.

Well, that’s interviewing from perspective of economic. I believe it is a simple think made complex by some of mumble jumble theory like that. But, isn’t it is cool that we can saw many thing differently only because of changing in thinking framework ? Live as a programmer, and as an economist, whoa, what a good combination 🙂


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