Provenance Paradox – Indomie

Have you ever heard about Provenance Paradox ? Well, for every people who is interested in strategic planning business (especially about brand implication) it is very important guys 😀 For you guys who haven’t know about this thing, just read this HBR article for awhile. It is a cool insight anyway.

Now, we are living in Indonesia. What is so special about Indonesia ? Good car ? Good electronic ? No i guess. Spice maybe ? The truth is, China can sold cheaper spice than us. But how we can live up our brand in this country ? According to the “Why You Aren’t Buying Venezuelan Chocolate” (the former article), to overcome this, you can do 5 strategy (you can read on the original document). And somehow when I’m reading Flaunt Your Country of Origin strategy I’m remember about Indomie somehow, haha 😀 Why ? Simply, because Indomie had great market penetration in the world. It’s all started from its choice to export to Dutch. And how can it be ? If we are looking the history, it’s simply because of this flaunting strategy. ‘Indo’ phrase is very strong to encourage Indonesian people to buy and even can make this conception “No any other noodle can give you Indonesian taste except this noodle”. And it really work… Strange isn’t it ?


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