The leader corporate culture – Lesson learned from HBR

Just read some HBR blog these days. And, concluded that the writers think that a leader must saw the corporate employees as web of trust. We can lead well if our company had a culture of trust[1]. It is an important foundation of effective and efficient human operation.

So, for managerial people, how can we build trust ? It’s kinda tricky though. But, other writer suggested several point need to be considered [2] :

  • You’re more likely to hear what people think and feel, if you’ve established real, ongoing human connections with them.
  • You’re more likely to hear people’s real thoughts and feelings once you’ve established a history of reacting calmly and constructively to comments of all kinds, even when they’re personal and not positive.
  • Seek out people’s perceptions and perspectives in the context of a specific task, project, or program.
  • Build a developmental network of people who will give you candid feedback
  • Finally, if she’s willing, your boss can also be a valuable source of feedback based on her own experience with you, and she can pass on what she hears about you from others

Of course those are only point to consider. But there’s another approach that’s more concrete. The writer call it “Kitchen Table Test” [3]. The writer write this about this approach “At breakfast with his family on Saturday mornings, he asks himself, How easy is it to explain what I have accomplished this week and the decisions I have made? Does my family get it? Does what I say make them proud? Does it make me proud to tell them about it?”. A simple, yet effective method indeed.

Simple, yet interesting view point. Thanks to HBR to share it =) And may you guys can had something from this lessons

Reference :

[1] Does Your Company Have a Culture of Trust?

[2] Seeing Yourself as Others See You

[3] Passing the Kitchen Table Test


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