[StudentsxCEOs] Cooperation between Innovator and Industry (Mr.Eko Supriyanto)


This topic is shared by Mr.Eko Supriyanto. He is a great scientist with many innovations. Currently, he works as head of biomedical department in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). In this session, he emphasizes the need of partnership between innovator and industry.

Learn from Malaysia

There are several points that we need to learn from Malaysia:

  1. Malaysia allocate great budget in research and development (around 600 Million rupiah used every year).
  2. The professor in UTM must be an inventor and entrepreneur. Their basic function is not on teaching but encouraging students to innovate.
  3. Certification of laboratory and products.

Important Point to Consider

    We need to consider 8 points in innovating:

  1. The product

    What’s the product we want to create?

  2. Team

    Great team (lawyer, engineer, economist, etc.)

  3. Government policy

    Whether the policies support innovation?

  4. Patent

    Put patent in every level of development. Be sure on the product safety.

  5. Time

    Market your product fast in the right time.

  6. Link

    Make good link on many segment,

  7. 3 pillars

    Don’t forget about 3 pillars (government, scientist, business) and its interconnectedness. We can’t create everything by ourselves.


From Malaysia we learn the importance of budget, innovation, and certification. Let’s become the inventor ourselves. With the consideration of the factors and determination we can do it.


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