[StudentsxCEOs] International Indonesian Scholar Association (I-4) Seminars


Just attended a great events organized by International Indonesian Scholar Association (I-4). I-4 is an institution to accommodate Indonesian scientist from all over the world. For more information about I-4, you guys can read the website. In this article, I want to share the resume of what I had in this 1 day seminar.


The event is opened by Indonesia research minister, Mr. Gusti Muhammad Hatta. He emphasized that communication over 3 pillars (government, scientist, business) need to be enhanced and drove. He also said, currently there are 7 important focus researches in Ristek : food security, energy security, health, transportation, ICT, advanced material, and defense.

The events

The topic in 1st session (which I attend) is “Build Cooperation between Innovator and Industry” that’s split in 4 speakers (click to go to the destined article):

  1. Science In Corporate World (Mr.Andreas Raharso)
  2. Technology Transfer from Laboratory to Industry (Mr.Nurul Taufiqu Rochman)
  3. Cooperation between Innovator and Industry (Mr.Eko Supriyanto)
  4. Values to Success (Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan)


There exist many challenges in building the bridge between scientist and industry in Indonesia. Apart from that, actually scientists in Indonesia actually have great opportunity in contributing to industry success factor. Further, Mr.Nurul also emphasized that scientist is well respected and needed, especially in small medium enterprise environment.

In short, live as scientists all over the world, now they share their knowledge for Indonesia. Hearing their thoughts is such a great opportunity J


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