[StudentsxCEOs] Values to Success (Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan)


This topic is shared by Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan. He is a great motivator with great track records. He has been leading on many industries. Currently, he works as commissioner in Adaro Energy Tbk. In this session, he emphasizes the need of value in our action.

Independent already or…?

Bung Hatta state that a person is liberated when that person can do utmost, smart, and sincere. That’s why we need to create this country Indonesia. It is to liberate all citizens one by one to become one independent country as our foundation state “Persatuan Indonesia” not “Bersatunya Indonesia”. We are still struggling to become independent right now.


A nation is identified by its behavior. Behavior reflects value we believe and culture reflect value in practice. If there’s something wrong in our nation’s value, it is hypocrisy. Without strong value, there won’t be any strong culture, and there won’t be any great cohesion in our country. We need to cover the gap of this cohesion by eliminating un-clarity, un-competence, and un-consistency.

Importance of Culture

    A popular noodle in Indonesia do market study once and state that:

  1. Noodle foundation: local taste.
  2. Technology to create that taste
  3. Marketing: price and container design

A scientist can help this country to create efficient technology. Yes we can. Yet, we need to remember the values that we believe in, the local taste. The value promised when this country is founded, “Persatuan Indonesia”.


Mr.Palgunadi is a great motivator. Many things he state can’t be crystalized in written form. But one thing to be noted that as long Indonesian scientists believe in our good value, there will always be a way.


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