Digitization for competitiveness

In this article, I’m going to review digitization as an opportunity for industries to improve their economic value. This reality gives opportunity for IT industries to rise significantly. More than that, if we can read the gap and leap over it, it is the golden time for IT startup era.


Digital = competitive?

Just read Booz report [1] on digitization. There, I found an interesting quotation “Digitization offers the potential for old-economy sectors to make great strides in pushing efficiency and customer convenience”. It is an interesting statement, especially for an Informatics engineer. Is it real? Chart 1 state the current condition of digitization in our current era.

Chart 1. The Industry Digitization Index[1]

    Industrial environment is constantly changing from time to time and Booz found that left behind companies can achieve great benefit from implementing digitization process. So what can we do? For me, IT startup is the answer.


Really ? IT Startup ?

    Why must IT startup? Let’s think for a while. How many IT industries in the world compared with other industries? How much it need to hire big IT consultant to develop system? As industry struggle to rise with fair price, IT startups become an attractive solution. That’s the competitiveness of IT startup in our current era, once again if we can leap over the gap.


A Time for Bold Moves

Technology implementers have great opportunities to exploit industrial need. Especially in global economy environment and economy turmoil nowadays, it is time to make bold moves. An Accenture report[2] state “It is during turbulent times that companies can open up the greatest gaps between themselves and their competitors”. It is time to convince companies to make bold moves. It is time for IT startup to rise to serve as collaboration partner.



[1] Friedrich, et al. 2011. Measuring Industry Digitization: Leaders and Laggards in the Digital Economy. Booz & Company.

[2] Firstbrook, Caroline. 2009. A Time for Bold Moves. Accenture.


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