Guitar Tablature Steganography


This morning, I had an idea of using guitar tablature to hide information. More detail on steganography can be read here. In this picture embedded “Mogok Kuliah Senin” message.

Figure 1.Picture with a message

The Idea

Guitar had 6 preset setting for the strings, and every string had their own base note. The idea is using the number to indicate how much increment is needed for each letter from the base note. For example the first 8 number indicate letter ‘M’ because E is the fifth alphabet and the 13th (5+8) alphabet is ‘M’ and so on. Figure 2 can help visualize the concept.

Figure 2.How to decrypt

The solution

With the method stated earlier, we can extract information from Figure 1 to create Figure 3. And that’s guitar tablature steganography.

Figure 3.Extracted Information


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