[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from Mandiri Micro Retail Director (Mr. Budi Sadikin)


Just awhile, StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mr. Budi Sadikin, Managing Director of Micro and Retail in Bank Mandiri. In this 2 hours session, he shares some tips in living our professional lives.

Tips & Tricks

1. “Di atas langit masih ada langit”. Stay humble. You’re not the greatest person in the universe!

2. Pressure makes you stronger. Sometime we need pressure to improve ourselves.

3. In choosing your future career, choose the one that suit you well. Don’t make money as your only criteria as it will bring you more curse than benefit.

4. In decide a hard problem, use your heart!

5. Don’t be naive in working.

6. Teamwork is very important! Choose your team well. Pick people that are comfortable with you, not because they are star player only.

7. There will always be incline and decline in life

8. Learn how to forget embitterment.

9. be active in organization! You didn’t get executive level skills from schools.

10. Take time to hear how great people think! 1 hour of discussion with great people means 1 year of learning. Learn how he/she walk, speak, think, and engage!

11. Don’t build intellectual trap. Always respect others opinion! Never felt arrogant because of your achievement.

12. Leader in business must learn on how to explain hard corporate strategy into simple words, easy to understand.

Join us

Join with StudentsxCEOs events are great experience for me. It is such a great chance to meet a CEO and learn directly from them. So, you guys who want to meet great CEOs like what we’ve experienced, check our website and Facebook fan page. There you can see an opportunity to apply as our guest star. Don’t miss the chance to become our guest stars J


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