Leaders – Made, Not Born?

Just had a wonderful discussion about leadership which led us to a conclusion that “leaders are made, not born”. This kind of idea is well supported by many writers in the field of leadership, for example by Nicholas Bate [1]. Leaders made by learn certain skill set and experiences in leading people over time, other than the true nature of the person itself [2].

Leaders can be made! It meant we can make a new effective and efficient leader for the next generation. Yet, why many people can’t rise as local leaders at certain environment? From the discussion we had a unique conclusion, “environment is the key”. Therefore, it is important for a potential person to have a good influence from the environment. It is the environment that built manner and capability. In my experience, StudentsxCEOs built my awareness and knowledge about business, while Young Leaders for Indonesia built awareness about contribution and capability of young leaders in Indonesia.

To sum up, there are 2 important way to build a great leader; they are “knowledge” and “environment” [2]. By took the right composition of both ingredient, one can become great leader for the future society.


[1] Nicholas Bate. 2008. Instant MBA: Think, perform and earn like a top business-school graduate (52 Brilliant Ideas) [Book]

[2] Young Leaders for Indonesia. 2012. [Training Session]


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