[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from Indonesia Accenture General Managing Director (Mr. Julianto Sidarto)


Yesterday, StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mr. Julianto Sidarto. As Accenture Indonesia current General Managing Director, apart from what I’ve imagined before, he is a very simple person. He had many experience and values support him and guide him thru many decisions he took in his life.



There are 5 points needed in leadership:

1. Leadership start with me

    Quotes: “Leadership starts from you”; “You have to be yourself”; “Have confident with yourself”

2. Influence others

Quote: “Move others to same direction!”

3. Influence organizations

    Quote: “Rules and policy help make this come true”

4. Balance

    Quotes: “Had a good personal life & work balance”; “Balance our client, people, and company”

5. Live with decision & consequences

    Quotes: “You need to decide what’s important for many peoples”; “In some cases I can’t sleep thinking about the consequences”; “Even in lose lose solution, you need to decide”


Some tips in career

These are 5 tips in career he shared:

1. Compatibility

“Find a work that suits you!”

2. Do the right things to do!

3. Look at the worst probability

“If I can live with the worst, other things are easier”

4. Love your work!

“Love 80% difficulties not the 20% fun parts”

5. Learn more than needed



Chat with Mr. Julianto Sidarto is such a great experience. Simply, his figure can be described in 3 points as kind, simple, and humble. He applied the values in his life and had a success afterward.


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This is a great experience for me. It is such a great chance to meet a person that we usually saw in magazine. So, you guys who want to meet great CEOs like what I’ve experienced, check our website and Facebook fan page. There you can see an opportunity to apply as our guest star. Don’t miss the chance to become our guest stars J


[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from Indonesia General Electric CEO (Mr. Handry Satriago)


Yesterday, StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mr. Handry Satriago, General Electric Indonesia current CEO. Different from what I’ve imagined before, apart from his physical weakness, he is a very muscular person. He had many experience and values support him and guide him thru many decisions he took in his life.


Mr.Handry Satriago Photo Session
Mr.Handry Satriago Photo Session

General Electric

General electric is a company founded by Thomas Alva Edison. From a simple light bulb product, it has evolved into a big corporation with many divisions. It is a good example on how innovations becoming fuel for company’s success.


Indonesia & Globalization

Globalization had several impacts on Indonesia. We are competing with the world. Globalization creates a borderless world on economic competition.

Is it a new story for Indonesia? Unfortunately, no… We are one of trade center from many centuries ago, from Samudra Pasai Kingdom, VOC, until now. History concludes that we are an old player in global economy, yet our nation’s performance is poor (regarding a century of experience).

How can Indonesia improve, economically? The answer relies on Porter’s research. Michael Porter state that the most important indicator on a nation’s performance is how a local company grow into global company. That’s why we need strong leader in Indonesia, to create and improve local companies.


Framework for Leader

Mr. Handry suggested a framework on leadership, depicted on Figure 1, and also several things to consider :


Leader must look into reality. If it is bad, state that it is bad. If it is not, state the reality. Don’t soften the reality. From reality, do comparison! Comparison will reveal information on our performance.

Fact + comparison <=> real situation


Be creative on looking at a problem. Out of the box thinking is the one that will help you solve the problem faced.

3.Search problem to be solved

There must be problem in our organization. Find it, prioritize, and find the solution!


Be direct in our approach. Time is limited. Don’t waste your time. Learn to conquer the elevator test.


A leader must be resilient. This is the most important thing. God gave human this wonderful ability to survive. Every problem we had will make us stronger when we adapt it.

Figure 1. Thinking Framework



Chat with Mr. Handry Satriago is such a great experience. Simply, his figure can be described in 3 points as resilient, innovative, and smart. He applied the knowledge and wisdom in his life and had a success afterward.


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This is a great experience for me. It is such a great chance to meet a person that we usually saw in magazine. So, you guys who want to meet great CEOs like what I’ve experienced, check our website and Facebook fan page. There you can see an opportunity to apply as our guest star. Don’t miss the chance to become our guest stars J

Guitar Tablature Steganography


This morning, I had an idea of using guitar tablature to hide information. More detail on steganography can be read here. In this picture embedded “Mogok Kuliah Senin” message.

Figure 1.Picture with a message

The Idea

Guitar had 6 preset setting for the strings, and every string had their own base note. The idea is using the number to indicate how much increment is needed for each letter from the base note. For example the first 8 number indicate letter ‘M’ because E is the fifth alphabet and the 13th (5+8) alphabet is ‘M’ and so on. Figure 2 can help visualize the concept.

Figure 2.How to decrypt

The solution

With the method stated earlier, we can extract information from Figure 1 to create Figure 3. And that’s guitar tablature steganography.

Figure 3.Extracted Information

[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from Indonesia Chevron CEO (Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara)


Yesterday, StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara. As Chevron Indonesia current CEO, apart from what I’ve imagined before, he is a very humble person. He had many experience and values support him and guide him thru many decisions he took in his life. Last quickly, yet very inspiring. At least, we have taken this photo with him J


Mr Abdul Hamid Photo Session
Mr Abdul Hamid Photo Session



Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara told us about his life history (graduate, apply in Caltex, promotion, problem, and much more). In his perspective, college students can pick one of these career paths, they are technical professional, supervisor, and executive. Each of them had their own difficulty and challenges. So how we choose? Choose the most exciting! If you perceive that the work is exciting and fun, you will accept problem as a challenge and do anything you can do to solve the problem. It makes you as a high achiever and open path for your further career.


Some tips in career

I am amazed from Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara values and tips when we try to improve our career, they are:

  1. Improve the system

    Help the organization by improve the system! Do what you can to improve and help other people. Be an agent of change!

  2. Deliver results

    Perform well! We need to deliver results to our manager, therefore we must show that we are capable to deliver good results from our work.

  3. Be wise

    Be wise in every decision you take, keep humble and don’t forget to help your mates. Lack of wisdom means problem on future. Learn from past experiences, Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara share that it is very important to improve our wisdom.



Chat with Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara is such a great experience. Simply, his figure can be described in 3 points as kind, perseverance, and humble. He applied the values in his life and had a success afterward.


Join us

This is a great experience for me. It is such a great chance to meet a person that we usually saw in magazine. So, you guys who want to meet great CEOs like what I’ve experienced, check our website and Facebook fan page. There you can see an opportunity to apply as our guest star. Don’t miss the chance to become our guest stars J

Virtual Teaming, What We Need To Know


The use of virtual teams in corporations increased much in these decent centuries. Internet really change the way people live, including business. Adaptations from physical to digital communication do pose many challenges. So, what’s the current research about the virtual teaming?


Current condition

Lead a virtual team poses a great challenge as we can’t create trust, loyalty, presence, and relation. At the same time, global outsourcing is becoming more and more popular as it is economically more feasible. Internet enables business to increase efficiency of talent utilization. A neat thing that is impossible before the digital era.


Is it really effective?

    Yes it is. A report from Accenture [1] state that if a business wants to become more effective, they must make efficient use of the regional resource. This report map talent by geographical groups. In a decade, talent outsourcing will be shifted to Asia as the wage is cheaper there.

    Some big corporations had reap the benefit from global outsourcing, especially in IT and HR division. How can it be? It is done by using virtual teaming, by the help of the internet.


Can We Practice?

    Here goes the tricky part. If globalization is a fact and virtual team problem is a fact. How can we learn to cope with it? A unique approach is stated in [2] journal. The authors state that we can learn how to manage virtual teams from massively multiplayer online game. Video games encompasses many complex problem need to be solved as a team. It bring many means of doing complex coordination and bring a real experience to people interact with virtual teams.


What’s the important point then?

More than game, the author found that there is several qualities need to be sharpened that differentiate between good and bad virtual team. Those qualities are articulate vision, commitments, performance assessment, blending, and right tools. Learn well about these things will make you perform in virtual teaming



[1] Cooper, Tim et al. 2010. Creating a winning geographic strategy. Outlook : Accenture.
[2] Denning, Peter J et al. 2010. Orchestrating Coordination in Pluralistic Networks.

Accenture Journey


Accenture Journey: Refer Your Members


Accenture Indonesia is holding its Accenture Journey (previously Accenture Experience) on 14 April 2012.


If you know exceptional final-year university students who would be a good fit at Accenture and have the passion for high performance, forward this invite to them and encourage them to be part of this exciting, enriching experience.


The one-day competition is designed to guide students on their path after graduation by giving them a glimpse of a Consulting career at Accenture. This is also a chance for them to be acquainted with our company, some of our best people and our high-performance culture.


Participants who demonstrate leadership skills, an innovative spirit and a can-do attitude have the chance to be offered positions in our company after graduation.


To qualify, students must:

  • Be Indonesian citizens
  • Be high-performing undergraduates currently enrolled in an Indonesian university
  • Be majoring in Computer Science, Engineering and Economics (Accounting, Finance, Business)
  • Be in their final year or 8th semester with a minimum GPA 3.50 out of 4.00
  • Have excellent leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent verbal & written English communication skills
  • Involvement in part-time work or internships is an advantage



·         Resume

·         Updated academic transcript

·         500-word essay about “Be greater…”


For more details and to apply, visit the Accenture Journey site now.Deadline for application is 25 February 2012. Successful applicants will be notified no later than 5 March 2012.


For questions on this event, please email anggri.g.restyanti@accenture.com.

Accenture gives

Accenture Gives

Join this event  and make a difference in your community!

The Accenture Gives: Skills to Succeed competition is giving away a  grant of  IDR 75,000,000 to better enable the winning team to improve its chosen community.

This competition is open to Indonesian students from the following universities: 

  • Universitas Indonesia
  • Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Universitas Gadjah Mada
  • Universitas Padjadjaran

Send us your team’s ideas to improve a specific community and get the chance to be awarded a IDR 75,000,000 to implement your project. If chosen, your team will have opportunity to work with and be mentored by Accenture consultants on managing the project.

For more details about this competition and to join, visit www.accenture.com/accenturegives. Registration closes on 17 February, 2012.

Who are we?

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. We have more than 236,000 people in 120 countries and work with clients in nearly every major industry worldwide, including 96 of the Fortune Global 100, more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 and government agencies around the world.

Corporate citizenship is fundamental to Accenture’s character and the way we run business. It is anchored on our core values, our Code of Business Ethics and, ultimately, is reflected in the actions of our people. Skills to Succeed is part of our effort to make a sustainable difference in the long-term vibrancy and passion of people and communities around the world. At the same time, our people give back in a variety of ways to communities where they live and work and around the world.

Digitization for competitiveness

In this article, I’m going to review digitization as an opportunity for industries to improve their economic value. This reality gives opportunity for IT industries to rise significantly. More than that, if we can read the gap and leap over it, it is the golden time for IT startup era.


Digital = competitive?

Just read Booz report [1] on digitization. There, I found an interesting quotation “Digitization offers the potential for old-economy sectors to make great strides in pushing efficiency and customer convenience”. It is an interesting statement, especially for an Informatics engineer. Is it real? Chart 1 state the current condition of digitization in our current era.

Chart 1. The Industry Digitization Index[1]

    Industrial environment is constantly changing from time to time and Booz found that left behind companies can achieve great benefit from implementing digitization process. So what can we do? For me, IT startup is the answer.


Really ? IT Startup ?

    Why must IT startup? Let’s think for a while. How many IT industries in the world compared with other industries? How much it need to hire big IT consultant to develop system? As industry struggle to rise with fair price, IT startups become an attractive solution. That’s the competitiveness of IT startup in our current era, once again if we can leap over the gap.


A Time for Bold Moves

Technology implementers have great opportunities to exploit industrial need. Especially in global economy environment and economy turmoil nowadays, it is time to make bold moves. An Accenture report[2] state “It is during turbulent times that companies can open up the greatest gaps between themselves and their competitors”. It is time to convince companies to make bold moves. It is time for IT startup to rise to serve as collaboration partner.



[1] Friedrich, et al. 2011. Measuring Industry Digitization: Leaders and Laggards in the Digital Economy. Booz & Company.

[2] Firstbrook, Caroline. 2009. A Time for Bold Moves. Accenture.

[StudentsxCEOs] International Indonesian Scholar Association (I-4) Seminars


Just attended a great events organized by International Indonesian Scholar Association (I-4). I-4 is an institution to accommodate Indonesian scientist from all over the world. For more information about I-4, you guys can read the website. In this article, I want to share the resume of what I had in this 1 day seminar.


The event is opened by Indonesia research minister, Mr. Gusti Muhammad Hatta. He emphasized that communication over 3 pillars (government, scientist, business) need to be enhanced and drove. He also said, currently there are 7 important focus researches in Ristek : food security, energy security, health, transportation, ICT, advanced material, and defense.

The events

The topic in 1st session (which I attend) is “Build Cooperation between Innovator and Industry” that’s split in 4 speakers (click to go to the destined article):

  1. Science In Corporate World (Mr.Andreas Raharso)
  2. Technology Transfer from Laboratory to Industry (Mr.Nurul Taufiqu Rochman)
  3. Cooperation between Innovator and Industry (Mr.Eko Supriyanto)
  4. Values to Success (Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan)


There exist many challenges in building the bridge between scientist and industry in Indonesia. Apart from that, actually scientists in Indonesia actually have great opportunity in contributing to industry success factor. Further, Mr.Nurul also emphasized that scientist is well respected and needed, especially in small medium enterprise environment.

In short, live as scientists all over the world, now they share their knowledge for Indonesia. Hearing their thoughts is such a great opportunity J

[StudentsxCEOs] Values to Success (Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan)


This topic is shared by Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan. He is a great motivator with great track records. He has been leading on many industries. Currently, he works as commissioner in Adaro Energy Tbk. In this session, he emphasizes the need of value in our action.

Independent already or…?

Bung Hatta state that a person is liberated when that person can do utmost, smart, and sincere. That’s why we need to create this country Indonesia. It is to liberate all citizens one by one to become one independent country as our foundation state “Persatuan Indonesia” not “Bersatunya Indonesia”. We are still struggling to become independent right now.


A nation is identified by its behavior. Behavior reflects value we believe and culture reflect value in practice. If there’s something wrong in our nation’s value, it is hypocrisy. Without strong value, there won’t be any strong culture, and there won’t be any great cohesion in our country. We need to cover the gap of this cohesion by eliminating un-clarity, un-competence, and un-consistency.

Importance of Culture

    A popular noodle in Indonesia do market study once and state that:

  1. Noodle foundation: local taste.
  2. Technology to create that taste
  3. Marketing: price and container design

A scientist can help this country to create efficient technology. Yes we can. Yet, we need to remember the values that we believe in, the local taste. The value promised when this country is founded, “Persatuan Indonesia”.


Mr.Palgunadi is a great motivator. Many things he state can’t be crystalized in written form. But one thing to be noted that as long Indonesian scientists believe in our good value, there will always be a way.