[StudentsxCEOs] Science in Corporate World (Mr.Andreas Raharso)


This topic is shared by Mr.Andreas Raharso. He currently works as Dean of Hay Group Global Research Center for Strategy Execution on International Indonesian Scholar Association Seminars. The purpose of his presentation is to emphasize that researcher is an important component in Indonesia current industrial environment.

Commodization trap

Nearly all brand in our modern era start to diversify. McDonald starts to sell nice coffee while Starbucks starts to sell nice sandwich. Brands easily diversify to chase what other people chase and lose their own identity. That’s what commodization trap meant.

Scientist can free industry from this trap by give new insight. Scientist can give industry a new value to chase unexplored area.

Research is important

Gillette, once target India market as the expected market size is big. They conduct consumer behavior research on Indian people who live in America. The result, the product fails marketed in India. After bought by PnG, they do another research. Now, the researcher team flies to India to do rigor market research. For information, PnG also supported by 8000 scientists, 1000 doctor, 123 science discipline, spread over 72 countries. The result, now the Gillette product makes a big success in India.

Research is important in Industry to give value on product in industry, more important, to ensure industry sustainability. The question is simple, how we do it? Mr.Andreas emphasizes that big corporation like Unilever, GE, and IBM give a great attention to research division. The research division leader can report directly to CEO to determine method to increase company value.


Scientist can give industry great value. They can help industry chase new unexplored areas and make profit from there, yet scientist need to be respected. Scientist needs to get important place in current industry to ensure industry sustainability.