[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from QB International CEO (Mrs. Betty Alisjahbana)


StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mrs. Betty Alisjahbana,
QB International founder and CEO. She is the first woman occupied CEO position on IBM Indonesia. In this session, she share several framework regarding leadership.

Mrs. Betty Photo Session
Our Photo Session

Points to consider as a leader

1. Influencing people.

2. Lead team to win.

3. Trust is the foundation.

4. People need to buy in the leader first.

5. Leader can raise another leaders.

DNA for leader

1. Drive and passion

2. Desire to lead

3. Integrity

4. Self confidence

5. Intelligence

6. Job relevasnt knowledge

How to lead

1. Create vision

2. Build teams

3. Allocate tasks

4. Develop people

5. Motivate followers

Leadership orientation


Lecture from Mrs. Betty Alisjahbana is great. Simply, her figure can be described in 3 points as humble, activist, and smart. She applied the knowledge and wisdom in her life and had a success afterward.

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