Era of IT Analytic


Year 2012 is predicted to become the year of analytics. Most corporate already install analytic or business intelligence system to support their business. Big corporation start to realize that analytic can support and save their spending on human experts and efforts. Many aspects on our modern society will depend on this technology on near future.


    Just Imagine, how to analyze the pattern found on a gene illness. Traditionally, researchers look the data one by one. Semi modern researcher use tools like Microsoft Excel or maybe Mat Lab to analyze the data further. But nowadays technology enable computer to find the pattern by itself. This technology is called as data mining and its derivation on business called business intelligence / analytic.


It has been taking place all over the world. Accenture, Cap Gemini, IBM, and Microsoft frequently report about their success in implementing Business Intelligence (interchangeably with analytic and data mining) all over the world. It is the new hype of information technology on hand for current organization.


As analytic is going to become a mundane tools for organization to thrive, it is a good time to try to use analytic for our own good. The simplest on is used on blog to track how many people came, the more complex one used on Facebook analytic. Many aspect of our modern technology has used this technology, nowadays. Happy try, learn, and get the essence of analytic software then! 🙂


Cognos 10 – Using join

  1. Pull the join icon

  2. Pull the to be joined query to the two empty join box

  3. Double click join icon

  4. Make a line on the data that contain the same data (the column / dimension that connect em), and set the cardinality

    Hint : For cardinality, you guys can read the hint on the bottom part of the box

  5. Click OK. Double click on the joined query.

  6. Choose the included data item

  7. Done