[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from Indonesia Chevron CEO (Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara)


Yesterday, StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara. As Chevron Indonesia current CEO, apart from what I’ve imagined before, he is a very humble person. He had many experience and values support him and guide him thru many decisions he took in his life. Last quickly, yet very inspiring. At least, we have taken this photo with him J


Mr Abdul Hamid Photo Session
Mr Abdul Hamid Photo Session



Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara told us about his life history (graduate, apply in Caltex, promotion, problem, and much more). In his perspective, college students can pick one of these career paths, they are technical professional, supervisor, and executive. Each of them had their own difficulty and challenges. So how we choose? Choose the most exciting! If you perceive that the work is exciting and fun, you will accept problem as a challenge and do anything you can do to solve the problem. It makes you as a high achiever and open path for your further career.


Some tips in career

I am amazed from Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara values and tips when we try to improve our career, they are:

  1. Improve the system

    Help the organization by improve the system! Do what you can to improve and help other people. Be an agent of change!

  2. Deliver results

    Perform well! We need to deliver results to our manager, therefore we must show that we are capable to deliver good results from our work.

  3. Be wise

    Be wise in every decision you take, keep humble and don’t forget to help your mates. Lack of wisdom means problem on future. Learn from past experiences, Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara share that it is very important to improve our wisdom.



Chat with Mr. Abdul Hamid Batubara is such a great experience. Simply, his figure can be described in 3 points as kind, perseverance, and humble. He applied the values in his life and had a success afterward.


Join us

This is a great experience for me. It is such a great chance to meet a person that we usually saw in magazine. So, you guys who want to meet great CEOs like what I’ve experienced, check our website and Facebook fan page. There you can see an opportunity to apply as our guest star. Don’t miss the chance to become our guest stars J