[StudentsxCEOs] International Indonesian Scholar Association (I-4) Seminars


Just attended a great events organized by International Indonesian Scholar Association (I-4). I-4 is an institution to accommodate Indonesian scientist from all over the world. For more information about I-4, you guys can read the website. In this article, I want to share the resume of what I had in this 1 day seminar.


The event is opened by Indonesia research minister, Mr. Gusti Muhammad Hatta. He emphasized that communication over 3 pillars (government, scientist, business) need to be enhanced and drove. He also said, currently there are 7 important focus researches in Ristek : food security, energy security, health, transportation, ICT, advanced material, and defense.

The events

The topic in 1st session (which I attend) is “Build Cooperation between Innovator and Industry” that’s split in 4 speakers (click to go to the destined article):

  1. Science In Corporate World (Mr.Andreas Raharso)
  2. Technology Transfer from Laboratory to Industry (Mr.Nurul Taufiqu Rochman)
  3. Cooperation between Innovator and Industry (Mr.Eko Supriyanto)
  4. Values to Success (Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan)


There exist many challenges in building the bridge between scientist and industry in Indonesia. Apart from that, actually scientists in Indonesia actually have great opportunity in contributing to industry success factor. Further, Mr.Nurul also emphasized that scientist is well respected and needed, especially in small medium enterprise environment.

In short, live as scientists all over the world, now they share their knowledge for Indonesia. Hearing their thoughts is such a great opportunity J


[StudentsxCEOs] Values to Success (Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan)


This topic is shared by Mr.Palgunadi T Setyawan. He is a great motivator with great track records. He has been leading on many industries. Currently, he works as commissioner in Adaro Energy Tbk. In this session, he emphasizes the need of value in our action.

Independent already or…?

Bung Hatta state that a person is liberated when that person can do utmost, smart, and sincere. That’s why we need to create this country Indonesia. It is to liberate all citizens one by one to become one independent country as our foundation state “Persatuan Indonesia” not “Bersatunya Indonesia”. We are still struggling to become independent right now.


A nation is identified by its behavior. Behavior reflects value we believe and culture reflect value in practice. If there’s something wrong in our nation’s value, it is hypocrisy. Without strong value, there won’t be any strong culture, and there won’t be any great cohesion in our country. We need to cover the gap of this cohesion by eliminating un-clarity, un-competence, and un-consistency.

Importance of Culture

    A popular noodle in Indonesia do market study once and state that:

  1. Noodle foundation: local taste.
  2. Technology to create that taste
  3. Marketing: price and container design

A scientist can help this country to create efficient technology. Yes we can. Yet, we need to remember the values that we believe in, the local taste. The value promised when this country is founded, “Persatuan Indonesia”.


Mr.Palgunadi is a great motivator. Many things he state can’t be crystalized in written form. But one thing to be noted that as long Indonesian scientists believe in our good value, there will always be a way.

[StudentsxCEOs] Cooperation between Innovator and Industry (Mr.Eko Supriyanto)


This topic is shared by Mr.Eko Supriyanto. He is a great scientist with many innovations. Currently, he works as head of biomedical department in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). In this session, he emphasizes the need of partnership between innovator and industry.

Learn from Malaysia

There are several points that we need to learn from Malaysia:

  1. Malaysia allocate great budget in research and development (around 600 Million rupiah used every year).
  2. The professor in UTM must be an inventor and entrepreneur. Their basic function is not on teaching but encouraging students to innovate.
  3. Certification of laboratory and products.

Important Point to Consider

    We need to consider 8 points in innovating:

  1. The product

    What’s the product we want to create?

  2. Team

    Great team (lawyer, engineer, economist, etc.)

  3. Government policy

    Whether the policies support innovation?

  4. Patent

    Put patent in every level of development. Be sure on the product safety.

  5. Time

    Market your product fast in the right time.

  6. Link

    Make good link on many segment,

  7. 3 pillars

    Don’t forget about 3 pillars (government, scientist, business) and its interconnectedness. We can’t create everything by ourselves.


From Malaysia we learn the importance of budget, innovation, and certification. Let’s become the inventor ourselves. With the consideration of the factors and determination we can do it.

[StudentsxCEOs] Technology Transfer from Laboratory to Industry (Mr.Nurul Taufiqu Rochman)


This topic is shared by Mr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman. He is a nanotechnology scientist with great track record, both in industry and science world. Currently, he works in Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). In this session, he emphasizes the need of technology transfer from laboratory to industrial environment and how to start the connection.

Indonesia… Big potential?

After the Indonesia’s import channel activated back then, products are imported in crazy number. About 100 trillion rupiah used to import raw material only. Why must we import raw material? It is because we can’t produce the raw material ourselves. We have many scientists. We have many industries. Unfortunately, we also have much un-interconnectedness between them.

Problem and solution

    So, what’s the main problem faced in our industries? The major problem revolved around technology and information. Many industries haven’t had right use of technology and haven’t informed about possibility to increase their process.

    Look at this reality, what must scientists do then? It is simple, visit the industries. Mr.Nurul suggested that scientists must visit industries regularly and be creative in approach.


Scientist can give industry new value. Scientists can increase the efficiency of industrial process (especially in small medium enterprise), so scientists need to visit industry regularly to help industries get information and apply the right technology.

[StudentsxCEOs] Science in Corporate World (Mr.Andreas Raharso)


This topic is shared by Mr.Andreas Raharso. He currently works as Dean of Hay Group Global Research Center for Strategy Execution on International Indonesian Scholar Association Seminars. The purpose of his presentation is to emphasize that researcher is an important component in Indonesia current industrial environment.

Commodization trap

Nearly all brand in our modern era start to diversify. McDonald starts to sell nice coffee while Starbucks starts to sell nice sandwich. Brands easily diversify to chase what other people chase and lose their own identity. That’s what commodization trap meant.

Scientist can free industry from this trap by give new insight. Scientist can give industry a new value to chase unexplored area.

Research is important

Gillette, once target India market as the expected market size is big. They conduct consumer behavior research on Indian people who live in America. The result, the product fails marketed in India. After bought by PnG, they do another research. Now, the researcher team flies to India to do rigor market research. For information, PnG also supported by 8000 scientists, 1000 doctor, 123 science discipline, spread over 72 countries. The result, now the Gillette product makes a big success in India.

Research is important in Industry to give value on product in industry, more important, to ensure industry sustainability. The question is simple, how we do it? Mr.Andreas emphasizes that big corporation like Unilever, GE, and IBM give a great attention to research division. The research division leader can report directly to CEO to determine method to increase company value.


Scientist can give industry great value. They can help industry chase new unexplored areas and make profit from there, yet scientist need to be respected. Scientist needs to get important place in current industry to ensure industry sustainability.