Cognos 10 – Using Union, intersect, except

  1. Drag union

  2. Drag queries into places

  3. Double click the union query

  4. Pick which one will be included in our final query

  5. Done
  6. You can use this technique for except and intersect too.

They operate by join the appropriate row. So Query 1 first row data item will be unioned / intersected / excepted with data item on Query 2 first row data item, and so on.


Cognos 10 – Using join

  1. Pull the join icon

  2. Pull the to be joined query to the two empty join box

  3. Double click join icon

  4. Make a line on the data that contain the same data (the column / dimension that connect em), and set the cardinality

    Hint : For cardinality, you guys can read the hint on the bottom part of the box

  5. Click OK. Double click on the joined query.

  6. Choose the included data item

  7. Done