5C & 4P – Basic Case Study Framework


As it is another new recruitment period for some top tier consulting company in Indonesia, people constantly ask me about how to approach case studies problem. They always unconvinced when I introduce my secret technique (5C&4P) as it seems very simple. But, as the discussion goes, I always delighted at time I saw they start running after got acquainted with this method.


3C (Product Mix)

3C (Product Mix) is a concept developed by Kenichi Ohmae, a former partner of McKinsey & Company consulting firm. 3C view the problem from the view point of the company, customer, and competitor. This framework is useful to build a strong foundation on our problem. At least we know what’s the general condition of the company, how the customer react lately, and what’s our position regarding our competitor. For you guys who interested on 3C concept, you can read it further from “further reading” section below.


4P (Marketing Mix)

4P (Marketing Mix) is a concept developed by Neil Borden and simplified by E. Jerome McCarthy. 4P view problem from the view point of Product, Pricing, Place, and Promotion. This framework is useful to attack the problem tied with selling when the foundation (covered by 3C) is clear. For you guys who interested on 4P concept, you can read it further from “further reading” section below.



While 3C is good to cover the basic information needed, 4P is not strong enough to cover general problem likely to be asked. This is the time when 5C (as it is my secret technique) play the role. 5C is an extended version of 3C (which is rarely used, let alone be known). 5C is composed of company, customer, competitor, Collaborator, and Context. 5C strengthen the power of 3C, and together with 4P, they can deliver great result on your case problem. For you guys who interested on 5C concept, you can read it further on “Situation analysis” from “further reading” section below.



It is very hard to nail the case without a good framework, yet we can’t nail the case by framework only. It is the balance that’s important. 5C-4P is a good start to improvise and tweak your own method along the way.


Further Study

3C’s Model. Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3C%27s_Model

Marketing mix. Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing_mix

Kenichi Ohmae. Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenichi_Ohmae

Situation Analysis. Net MBA. http://www.netmba.com/marketing/situation/


[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from Mandiri Micro Retail Director (Mr. Budi Sadikin)


Just awhile, StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mr. Budi Sadikin, Managing Director of Micro and Retail in Bank Mandiri. In this 2 hours session, he shares some tips in living our professional lives.

Tips & Tricks

1. “Di atas langit masih ada langit”. Stay humble. You’re not the greatest person in the universe!

2. Pressure makes you stronger. Sometime we need pressure to improve ourselves.

3. In choosing your future career, choose the one that suit you well. Don’t make money as your only criteria as it will bring you more curse than benefit.

4. In decide a hard problem, use your heart!

5. Don’t be naive in working.

6. Teamwork is very important! Choose your team well. Pick people that are comfortable with you, not because they are star player only.

7. There will always be incline and decline in life

8. Learn how to forget embitterment.

9. be active in organization! You didn’t get executive level skills from schools.

10. Take time to hear how great people think! 1 hour of discussion with great people means 1 year of learning. Learn how he/she walk, speak, think, and engage!

11. Don’t build intellectual trap. Always respect others opinion! Never felt arrogant because of your achievement.

12. Leader in business must learn on how to explain hard corporate strategy into simple words, easy to understand.

Join us

Join with StudentsxCEOs events are great experience for me. It is such a great chance to meet a CEO and learn directly from them. So, you guys who want to meet great CEOs like what we’ve experienced, check our website and Facebook fan page. There you can see an opportunity to apply as our guest star. Don’t miss the chance to become our guest stars J

[StudentsxCEOs] Knowledge from QB International CEO (Mrs. Betty Alisjahbana)


StudentsxCEOs team meets with Mrs. Betty Alisjahbana,
QB International founder and CEO. She is the first woman occupied CEO position on IBM Indonesia. In this session, she share several framework regarding leadership.

Mrs. Betty Photo Session
Our Photo Session

Points to consider as a leader

1. Influencing people.

2. Lead team to win.

3. Trust is the foundation.

4. People need to buy in the leader first.

5. Leader can raise another leaders.

DNA for leader

1. Drive and passion

2. Desire to lead

3. Integrity

4. Self confidence

5. Intelligence

6. Job relevasnt knowledge

How to lead

1. Create vision

2. Build teams

3. Allocate tasks

4. Develop people

5. Motivate followers

Leadership orientation


Lecture from Mrs. Betty Alisjahbana is great. Simply, her figure can be described in 3 points as humble, activist, and smart. She applied the knowledge and wisdom in her life and had a success afterward.

Join us

This is a great experience for me. It is such a great chance to meet a person that we usually saw in magazine. So, you guys who want to meet great CEOs like what I’ve experienced, check our website and Facebook fan page. There you can see an opportunity to apply as our guest star. Don’t miss the chance to become our guest stars.

Excel VSTO Developer Sharing – [Change Selected Cell, Print Current Page]

Just create my Excel VSTO add-ins with C#. Hope my experience can help you guys 😀


So the problem that the user had is…. blindness. Wait a minute… The user is blind? Yes she is, and that’s tough. But luckily she had a helper program already in her notebook. This program can spoke the current status of the program, but of course sound based aid apps has its own limit. She currently does cashier function of her own restaurant. Until now, she is using a defined excel document to print the bill. Now, the user want to get a helper in excel that can do 2 simple task. The first feature is, she want a button to print her current page. For example, imagine now she currently selecting sheet 1 cell A300. When she want to print the current page, she need to know what’s the current page, click print, and input the number, etc or else the whole sheet will be printed and it will be messy. It is inconvenient for her. It is much more easier to click the button and the application do all the messy job. The second feature that see need is navigation. She currently using HP netbook (I forgot the exact type), and in this device, there’re no any page down or page up button. Well, it is troubling cos the visual aiding apps can’t read the current page number. So we need the substitution for navigational button here.

Analysis & Design

We have several options. We can use macro, or VSTO. Well, in this case I think VSTO is more appropriate. Macro is very limited I believe. The decision in this phase is arbitrary anyway. Now after VSTO is chosen. Now I must choose whether I need ribbon, task pane, or else. In the end, what is needed by her is the shortcut button anyway. After googling for awhile, I had an answer that the button shortcut cannot be overridden, and developing ribbon is easier to develop. So I choose ribbon to implement my UI. There’s a restriction on ribbon, which is the shortcut, is limited to Alt+X+… But, I believe it is okay. At least until I found the way to override Office standard shortcut someday.


Printing the current page


int TotalRowsinOnePage = Convert.ToInt32(editjumlahhalaman.Text); //Get the variable from textbox. standard for 1 page = 60 rows

//get the current range

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range rng = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range)Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveCell;

//calculate the pagenumber

int row = rng.Row;

int pageNumber = (row / TotalRowsinOnePage) + 1;

/*void PrintOut(Object From,Object To,Object Copies,Object Preview,Object ActivePrinter,Object PrintToFile,Object Collate,Object PrToFileName)*/

((Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet)Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveSheet).PrintOut(pageNumber, pageNumber, 1, false, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing); //print the document


So, there’s a unique problem that I found when develop this procedure. I can’t find any method to return the current active page. Well, it’s troubling I believe. So, I’m doing some turn around. My assumption is the number of row that builds a page is constant. So, knowing the current row, we can compute the current page number. For the technical code, you guys can check my code up there. I believe the comment is more than enough to explain the code meaning 😀



//Page Down Procedure

int TotalRowsinOnePage = Convert.ToInt32(editjumlahhalaman.Text); // Get the variable from textbox. standard 1 page = 60 rows

//get the current range

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range rng = (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range)Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveCell;

//calculate the pagenumber

int row = rng.Row;

int NextpageNumber = (row / TotalRowsinOnePage) + 1; //compute next page

int NextRow = (NextpageNumber * TotalRowsinOnePage) + 1;

String theTargetCells = “A” + Convert.ToString(NextRow); //make the string

//Select the destinated cells

Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Worksheet activeSheet = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveSheet;

var range = activeSheet.get_Range(theTargetCells, theTargetCells);



Like I said before, VSTO don’t give method to return current page number. And the more troubling problem is the select procedure need range object to operate on. So what’s strange ? Hohoho, range is an abstract class, and we can’t construct that class out of the blue… And at last, I found that cool get_Range method (it really saves my day 😀 ). But there’s another problem. This method is asking for cells name (we can’t input the column and row integer number). In the end, what I do is making the cells string (theTargetCells) by concatenation and then after the string is made, I’m passing it to the procedure.


This is my first time in building Excel VSTO. Damn hard it is 😦 Not because it is crazily complicated (cos as you guys can see, my code is not that long). The real problem is the documentation. VSTO documentation is very rare. About one month ago, I’m creating digital signature add ins in Microsoft Outlook, and reference for outlook is more sufficient, not like Excel VSTO. And for you guys who start doing Excel VSTO, my tips is… start searching the MSDN. That’s your only reference, that’s your only friend, and MSDN is usually not the top three list when you googling about this topic.

N.B. Well, maybe someday if it is possible, I will post my outlook VSTO program logic 😀

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