Belbin Team Roles – A Method on Decide Team Member


As MBTI is not enough to determine whether teamness will occur or not, Dr.Meredith Belbin study 9 team roles. These roles need to be balanced to make a good team. There are some critics on this method, yet we can still get some jewel in implement this approach.

The Roles

1. Shaper: People who like to shape things. Keep challenge people to improve continuously.

2. Implementer: Get things done. Make ideas into action.

3. Completer-Finisher: Ensure no error in the work. Perseverance people.

4. Coordinator: Guide people. The leader.

5. Team Worker: Make sure the team work well together.

6. Resource Investigator: Innovative people. Explore options. Extrovert.

7. Plant: Innovator with new ideas. Introvert.

8. Monitor-Evaluator: Analyze other’s idea.

9. Specialist: Own specialized knowledge to make job done.


The 9 roles are very important to be balanced in team to ensure teamness. An individual may take multiple role and yet, the accumulation of people strength and weakness become the team strength and weakness. That’s why it is important to pick your team well.

Further Study

Belbin Website.

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5C & 4P – Basic Case Study Framework


As it is another new recruitment period for some top tier consulting company in Indonesia, people constantly ask me about how to approach case studies problem. They always unconvinced when I introduce my secret technique (5C&4P) as it seems very simple. But, as the discussion goes, I always delighted at time I saw they start running after got acquainted with this method.


3C (Product Mix)

3C (Product Mix) is a concept developed by Kenichi Ohmae, a former partner of McKinsey & Company consulting firm. 3C view the problem from the view point of the company, customer, and competitor. This framework is useful to build a strong foundation on our problem. At least we know what’s the general condition of the company, how the customer react lately, and what’s our position regarding our competitor. For you guys who interested on 3C concept, you can read it further from “further reading” section below.


4P (Marketing Mix)

4P (Marketing Mix) is a concept developed by Neil Borden and simplified by E. Jerome McCarthy. 4P view problem from the view point of Product, Pricing, Place, and Promotion. This framework is useful to attack the problem tied with selling when the foundation (covered by 3C) is clear. For you guys who interested on 4P concept, you can read it further from “further reading” section below.



While 3C is good to cover the basic information needed, 4P is not strong enough to cover general problem likely to be asked. This is the time when 5C (as it is my secret technique) play the role. 5C is an extended version of 3C (which is rarely used, let alone be known). 5C is composed of company, customer, competitor, Collaborator, and Context. 5C strengthen the power of 3C, and together with 4P, they can deliver great result on your case problem. For you guys who interested on 5C concept, you can read it further on “Situation analysis” from “further reading” section below.



It is very hard to nail the case without a good framework, yet we can’t nail the case by framework only. It is the balance that’s important. 5C-4P is a good start to improvise and tweak your own method along the way.


Further Study

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6 Thinking Hats of Edward De Bono – A Practical Tool in Brainstorming Meeting


6 thinking hats of Edward de Bono is a great concept to help you do brainstorming in strategic meeting. While it heard like a funny concept, it hold an important notion on analysis and decision concept, which is “it is all about perspectives”. Edward de Bono history itself is very exciting to read and you can read it by yourself here.



The concept of the thinking hats is simple. There are 6 type of perspectives that we can use (later on wrote as “hat”), they are white hat, red hat, black hat, yellow hat, green hat, and blue hat. White hat means we are looking into the data. White hat process the problem logically, while red hat process the problem emotionally. Black hat attack the problem from defensive and cautious perspective, while yellow hat look the opportunity in a very positive state. Green hat means a creative thinking perspective. Green hat enforces you to think out of the box, out of ordinary. The blue hat resembles the position of the meeting leader, the one who decides when to change from one perspective (“hat”) to the other.


Experience Sharing

From my experience, this concept is very powerful, especially in brainstorming process. The blue hat (leader) can choose how we approach the problem. When the leader chooses to use white hat, we can see some pattern in data. Yet data is not the only matter, emotion possibly be the key to problem you seek, so the blue hat can change to the red hat mode and so on. Simply speaking, the blue hat is the key to unleash the team power as it is the leader who chooses which hat we’ll use for a while.


Further Study

Edward de Bono Website.

Six Thinking Hats. Mindtools.

How to think as a hacker – Firewall blocked office case study

So, for several months I have been trapped in firewalled office. There, the firewall had 2 restrictions on us. The first one is extension restriction. Because of this restriction, several file type (exe,avi,etc) can’t be downloaded. The second restriction is address restriction. Several sites, like, rapidshare, fileserve, etc is blocked.

Now, that’s the case. The security is tight. But, is there any crack in the wall ? Luckily there is 😀 This is my framework to solve this case.

Open blocked sites

So, the firewall on blocking sites is working like this. It is looking at our typed address. If it found some of the keywords (or ip) that’s categorized as blocked, it will block our request and voila we can’t access the sites. For this problem, usually there’re 2 solving. The first one is type the IP instead the address name in hope that the IP itself hasn’t blocked yet. But sadly, the administrator is not that reckless 😦 So we need another way around.

Well, the IP has been blocked, so we need help of anonymizer (ex : . Anonymizer websites will download our requested web page, put in their buffer and show it to us. But there’s some limitation with this technique. It is because we are using buffered web, we can’t had some file that’s placed on the web server. And because of that, file sharing sites (like fileserve or rapidshare) can’t be used to download.

Well, it’s problematic for file sharing, but… After some experiment I had the salvation after all 🙂

Download exe or blocked filetype

For download blocked file, we need help from sites like download at work ( or underget( Sites like this do this kind of logic. Let’s say exe file type is blocked. But, logically there won’t be any people who blocked html file or txt file, aren’t they ? The internet will be useless without them. So these sites take our request and modified it so the firewall thinks that we are downloading html document. So the firewall can be passed 🙂

But, how about file sharing ( still 😛 ) ? Luckily we had enough ammunition to talk about this now 😀

Download from file sharing

For download blocked file, we need leecher (ex : . Leecher is server that’s used to copy the file of filesharing to their own server. So after, the file is exist in their file server, we can download it directly (cos it is not blocked). But there’s a simple problem about this. The firewall is set to block zip file type too 😦 But don’t worry because we had the solution to bypass the extention lock before 🙂 We can use the former technique to download the link then. But maybe, for me using service like that can decrease my performing speed, so instead of using automatic tools, I modified the filename manually.


Even the strongest firewall can be turned down with this technique, cos we can’t lock everything. There’ll always exist unblocked tool to do our job.

All of these material is only posted to help you guys learn. Use the knowledge wisely, and if you had modified version of this let me know, so we can share 🙂

Good Luck and Have Fun

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